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A Healthy Lifestyle

At Carol L. Watson, MD, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of women of all ages. We are concerned with every aspect of your health. We feel there is a strong mind-body connection and both physical and emotional health is of utmost importance. Dr. Watson and her staff will strive to help you achieve the "healthiest you" possible. We understand that health issues can be confusing; we are here to partner with women to help them understand their bodies and feel their best. 




Welcome to my practice and thank you for the opportunity to be a partner in your healthcare. I opened this practice in July 2007 with the vision of providinga different level of OB/GYN care. I strive every day to provide outstanding, specialized care for women, from their teenage to their post menopausal years. What makes this practice stand out? I put my heart and soul into the care of every patient. I spend as much time as necessary to understand your health issues, but I also want to learn about you. Feeling comfortable with your doctor and trusting your doctor are crucial. Forming this bond will allow us to collaborate on your care, making decisions together about your well being. It is eight years later and I am still a solo practitioner, still realizing my vision of providing exceptional, personalized care. Becoming a patient of my practice means that I will always be the doctor involved in your care... in the office, operating room, and delivery room. My staff and I offer women a healthcare partnership, in a warm, family environment where you are the focus.    

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Dr. Watson accepts all private Insurances, Including:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Tricare 



"I strongly value the doctor-patient relationship, and make every effort to be personally available to you"


- Dr. Carol L. Watson